We are a specialist surveying company, combining traditional surveying techniques with modern techniques such as mobile mapping, photogrammetry and Virtual Reality surveying. Geocurve ‘Leads by Innovation’.

Our Vision

  • Unrivalled editing department leading the market with information delivery and innovation.
  • Leading best practice within the industry, the ‘go to company’ for all UAV and Mobile Mapping survey requirements nationally with a name known by all and a reputation of being innovative, professional and the full survey solution.

Our Mission

  • Innovating ideas to complement our work strategy and growing to develop our current client base into a vast network.
  • Delivering the highest quality product and service, constantly raising the standard of the Mobile Mapping and UAV industry.

Our Values

  • The company that people want to work for and be associated with.
  • Working as a cohesive team, embracing innovation, creativity and forward thinking.
  • Embracing a culture that is ‘safe’ to work within, a learning environment with no blame where all our team have exciting opportunities to develop and contribute.
  • A ‘family’ atmosphere where we respect and trust each other, congratulating both individual and team success.

Geocurve 2000 to 2018

2000 - 2009

  • 04/2000 - contract for Mowlems at Lowestoft Waste Water Treatment Centre
  • 06/2001 - Bungay bypass for Jacksons Civil Engineering
  • 02/2003 - Movers Lane for Amec (RMG)
  • 2004 - Gary Nel establishes GN Site Engineers, supplying site engineering expertise to construction sites
  • 03/2004 - Garrison for Sir Robert McAlpine
  • 2007 - start with Anglia Water Alliance working for Barhale


  • GN Site Engineers becomes limited company.
  • 01/2010 - start at Abberton Reservoir for Carillion
  • Team of 5 engineers on this contract for 3 years.


  • GN Site Engineers Ltd implements UAV's
  • 02/2012 - acquire first Swinglet fixed wing UAV by Sensefly in the UK
  • 05/2012 - permission for Aerial Work from CAA
  • 01/2013 - purchase the first EBEE by Sensefly in the UK
  • 06/2013 - order first S800 by DJI in the UK


  • GN Site Engineers Ltd maps Abberton Reservoir with EBEE fixed wing UAV.
  • 8 EBEE flights - 8 km2 - 2010 photos - 15 billion 3D points.
  • GN Site Engineers assists LSS to develop point thinning for UAV applications.
  • Start trial on Norfolk Broads for biggest UAV survey to date for BAM Nuttall.


  • GN Site Engineers Ltd separates UAV department into UKAEROVISION Ltd.
  • Continue trials on Norfolk Broads.
  • UKAV completes the first paid section of trials on Norfolk Broads.
  • Norfolk Broads section1 - 28 EBEE flights - 17km of bathymetric survey - 12 days of manual survey.


  • UKAEROVISION Ltd secures and deliver Norfolk Broads survey.
  • 01/2015 - Successful in securing the entire Norfolk Broads survey for BAM Nuttall.
  • 230km embankments - 135km bathymetric survey - 310 EBEE flights - 58 days processing.
  • To date this still proves to be the biggest single survey done by UAV in the UK.
  • GN Site Engineers Ltd and UKAEROVISION Ltd merges into Geocurve Ltd.
  • 04/2015 - Geocurve Ltd is formed.
  • Geocurve start talks with CH2M on TEAM2100 project.
  • 04/2015 - Geocurve completes the first Hinkley Point C Power Station UAV survey for EDF (Under special CAA permission).
  • Geocurve becomes part of the Strat Aero group.
  • First company in UK to get CAA permission to operate in congested areas.
  • Acquires special CAA permission to operate Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) and to a ceiling height of 650 feet.
  • Geocurve becomes a member of - Constructionline - Assos RICS - CHAS - AVETTA - Essex Chamber of Commerc.


  • 01/2016 - Geocurve completes trial section on TEAM2100 project successfully.
  • 08/2016 - Geocurve secures an 8 year framework on TEAM2100 after competitive tender.
  • Geocurve successfully completes 115km of 3D flood defence survey - 115km of 4k UAV video survey - 115km of UAV 3D survey.


  • 03/2017 - Geocurve plays a key part in TEAM2100 winning the Innovation award at the Environment Agency's Project Excellence Awards March 2017.
  • 05/2017 - Geocurve plays a key part in TEAM2100 winning Esri UK 2017 Customer Success Award, 'Data Collection category' at May 2017 Annual Conference.
  • 09/2017 - Geocurve plays a key part in TEAM2100 winning 2 NEC Techfest awards; 1) Innovation of the Year: Big Data and 2) Project Team of the Year.


  • Geocurve starts Mobile Mapping department.
  • Geocurve won the Mobile scanning of the Thames Flood Defence contract for TEAM2100.
  • Geocurve purchases the first Leica Pegasus Two Ultimate in Europe - Also first survey company in UK to purchase the Leica Pegasus Backpack - and now the only company in UK to own both the Leica Backpack and the Leica Pegasus.