Land Survey

This forms the foundation of our services and a stable platform to innovate from. Combining 80 year+ land surveying experience in our team with experience gained as setting out engineering and also multiple Civil engineering qualifications, we have built a professional and good reputation with our clients.

Types of Land Survey techniques utilised in the past:

Topographic Surveying

Using traditional survey equipment like GPS Rovers, EDMs and Automatic Levels.

Bathymetric Surveying

Geocurve regularly undertakes hydrographic surveys to profile river and lake beds as well as inshore coastal waters. Our data is used for hydraulic modelling, creating water volume calculations that are then used in flood level analysis. Other concerns include aggregate reserve estimates, volumetric calculations and beach profiling.

We have a variety of onshore and offshore craft available, equipped with differential GPS, enabling the fast and accurate mapping of underwater topography.

Remote Monitoring

Installing tilt sensors, crack sensors and distance sensors allows for remote monitoring critical structures for sub millimetre movement 24/7. Our sensors then reports back through a hub and 3/4G connectivity to our web portal, that allows graphs plotting and alarm triggers.