Mobile Mapping Survey

Mobile mapping surveys have transformed the way and speed we can capture accurate 3D data. Geocurve has not only purchased the first Leica Pegasus:Two Ultimate in Europe, but we also the first survey company to buy the Leica Pegasus Backpack. Geocurve is the first company in UK to own the Leica Pegasus Two and a Leica Pegasus Backpack.

5 reasons why Geocurve has chosen the market leading Pegasus II

  • Biggest USP – Pegasus allows for accurate 3D data capture without the need of installing control.
  • Accurate 3D measuring; directly from point cloud data, from oblique image or on oblique image using point cloud data in the back ground.
  • Relative accuracy of VUX-1HA is sub 5mm.
  • Combine spherical image and colourised point cloud.
  • Built in power supply- Pegasus2 internal battery works for 10 hours.

Leica Pegasus:Two Ultimate

  • Boat Mounted – This setup has two GPS antennas that allows for real time accurate data capture without the need for ground control.
  • Car Mounted – No need for ground control that allows for surveying without the need for traffic control.

Pegasus Survey Benefits:

  • No need to access the foreshore (boat mounted) while capturing accurate 3D data.
  • Due to being mobile, a speedier survey directly decreases risk.
  • Vehicle mounted P2U allows for accurate 3D data capture with no need for traffic control and no need for surveyors working on foot amongst live traffic.
  • It allows capturing data under overhangs and un-accessible areas that will be very risky to capture in any other way.
  • Due to speed and accuracy this method allows for repeatable surveys to support comparison between data sets.