UAV Survey

We have CAA Permissions for Commercial Operations (PFCO). We are also approved by the CAA to operate UAV’s in congested areas (OSC) and extended visual line of sight (EVLOS) at 650 feet ceiling height.

We have recorded thousands of hours of commercial flying with zero reportable incidents, proof of our professionalism and superior flying team.

UAV Survey - The Facts!

  • Surveys of large areas can be achieved in a short period of time, 200ha can be surveyed in two hours without stopping site activities and/or moving plant.
  • Mitigates health and safety risks in unsafe areas.
  • We can achieve accuracy's of +/-25mm dependent on drone.
  • Little environmental impact.

Typical Use

  • Surveys at height i.e. inspections.
  • Aerial photography.
  • Video production.
  • Confined spaces/hard to reach areas.
  • Dangerous areas.
  • Contaminated areas to avoid cross contamination.
  • Large areas where other survey methods would be too time consuming.


Point Cloud
  • 3D models - DTM & DSM.
  • 2D & 3D CAD drawings.
  • Point Cloud.
  • Stitched image.
  • 4k video footage.
  • Photogrammetry.